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Exhibitor Profile

Exhibitor Profile - Asian Hajj and Umrah Expo 2024-2025 feature of Umrah Travel Agencies

Exhibitor Profile - Asian Hajj and Umrah Expo 2024-2025 feature of Umrah Travel Agencies

The Asian Hajj and Umrah Expo will feature a diverse range of exhibitors, including but not limited to

  • Travel Agencies Offering pilgrimage packages and travel services.
  • Hotels and Accommodations Showcasing options for comfortable stays.
  • Transportation Services Highlighting transportation solutions for pilgrims.
  • Halal Food Providers Featuring delicious and compliant cuisine options.
  • Halal Tourism Providers Offering pilgrimage-related tours and halal tourism experiences.
  • Islamic Finance Institutions Presenting ethical financial solutions.
  • Hajj and Umrah Equipment Suppliers Displaying necessary items for pilgrims.
  • Technology Solutions Providers Showcasing innovative solutions for the Hajj and Umrah industry.
  • Government Authorities Offering information on regulations and procedures.
  • Technology Solutions Providers Demonstrating innovative tools for travellers.
  • Visa Companies Assisting pilgrims with visa application and processing.
  • Telecom Companies Offering communication services for pilgrims.
  • Forex Companies Facilitating currency exchange and financial services.

Exhibition Highlights

The Asian Hajj and Umrah Expo promises an array of highlights that make it a must-attend event
Comprehensive Exhibits

A wide array of exhibitors covering all aspects of the Hajj, Umrah and Halal Tourism experience.

Knowledge Seminars and Panel Discussions

Engaging sessions led by industry experts on relevant topics. These seminars and discussions will explore critical issues facing the pilgrimage industry, including

Networking Opportunities

Ample chances to connect with industry leaders, potential partners, and clients.

Cultural Showcases

Exhibits and performances reflecting the rich heritage of the pilgrimage.

Innovation Corner

A showcase of cutting-edge technologies and services in the sector.

B2B Meetings

A dedicated space for business-to-business interactions.

Wellness and Healthcare Pavilion

Exhibits and services promoting health and wellness during the pilgrimage, including medical check-ups, wellness products, and stress-relief techniques.

Government Insights

Representatives offering guidance on regulatory matters.

Awards Show

Recognizing excellence and innovation within the Hajj and Umrah industry. The awards show will honour outstanding achievements in areas such as customer service, sustainability, technology integration, and more. It provides a platform to celebrate and showcase the best practices and contributions of businesses and individuals in the sector.

Sustainability Initiatives

Exhibits and talks highlighting eco-friendly and sustainable practices within the pilgrimage industry, including recycling, waste reduction, and green technologies.

The Asian Hajj and Umrah Expo is a prestigious event dedicated to the Hajj and Umrah industry. It serves as a comprehensive platform for businesses, organizations, and individuals involved in pilgrimage services, travel, hospitality, and related sectors.

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